How I Feel About My Natural Hair

I started embracing my natural hair less than 10 years ago. During my school years, I would wear my hair in a curly ponytail every single day.

When I was 14 years old, I decided to get a relaxer, which was a bad choice FOR ME, because it damaged my hair. So I decided to never get a relaxer again. Of course I went back to the curly ponytail. When I reached my senior year, I started straightening my hair.

I would go to the salon every two weeks to maintain the straight look, but when I graduated from high school, I started wearing my natural curls, but I went back to the straight look.

My hair was damaged from all the heat I was using. I stopped going to the salon to save money so I started doing my own hair. My hair began to break off, and I lost my length.

So finally, I started wearing my natural curls again and my hair began to grow. I started watching natural hair tutorials on Youtube, and learned how to take care of my hair properly.


I learned about deep conditioning once a week, and using shampoos that would clean, and moisturize without stripping my hair of its natural oils. I also learned that when heat styling, I should use good heat protectant.

I’m so glad I embraced my natural curls. I feel more confident in my look. My curls are apart of who I am.

I recently straightened my hair just to switch it up a little, but I made sure to used good heat protectants so my curls can bounce back. Check out my hair video!