Will it ever stop?

So I’m doing a little news reading, and I come across an article on NFL player Ezekiel Elliot. There’s a video of him pulling down a lady’s shirt, and exposing her chest. What made him do this? I’m not sure.

There’s currently a women’s a group that is speaking out against the matter and calling it sexual assault. The women would like for Elliot to be punished for his actions.

This isn’t this first time we hear about him getting into some type of trouble that involves a woman. Last year, there were allegations of him abusing a woman. No charges were filed, and he wasn’t arrested.

I can’t say what really happened. Only him and that lady knows, but let’s be honest it seems as if too many people are getting away with abuse, and rape. For example, Brock Turner only served three months for sexual assault.

Student, James Enochs, was charged with raping two women, but he only served one day in jail, and was given one year of probation. Also teenager, Kraigen Grooms, sexually abused an one year old. He was given a 10 year suspension, five years of supervision release, and he must be registered as a sex offender. He was released after serving two years in jail.

The list goes on. I guess rape and harassment isn’t that serious these days. What are your thoughts?


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