Black History Month: Day 14

Today I am turning the spotlight on Crispus Attucks. He was the first to die during the American Revolution.

Crispus Attucks was born in 1723 in Framingham, MA. He was described as an American-Indian. He was skilled in selling and buying cattle, as a slave.

When Attucks was 27 years of age, he ran away. An ad was placed in the weekly journal stating that he was to be returned. Attucks went off to become a sailor in Boston, and he worked as a rope maker.


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Attucks would often take on different part time jobs to keep from going to the British navy.

On March 2, 1770, there was a fight between British soldiers, and Boston rope makers, and later confrontation. A few days later, a British soldier entered into a Boston Pub looking for work, but instead he was approached by angry seaman, including Attucks.

British soldiers came to defend their own, and they faced the attacks of Boston. Snowballs and sticks were thrown. Eventually, there was an open fire, and Attucks, along with others, was killed.

In the eyes of some people, Attucks was considered an instigator and a villain, and to others he is a hero.

“Crispus Attucks Day” was introduced in 1858 and 1888 by black abolitionists. Attucks was regarded as a true martyr.




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