It amazes me how the times have changed. When I look back on history and look at today, I can’t help but think wow. For instance, can we talk about how technology has advanced?

The example that I would like to use today, is the invention of the cellphone. Majority of the population has one, and it has replaced a lot of house phones. The first cellphone came on the scene in 1973 by Martin Cooper.

The thought was conceived originally by a man named Nathan B. Stubblefield, who lived in Kentucky. He applied for a US patent for radio phones. With that, policemen were able to communicate by radio while in their cars.

Cooper made the first portable phone. It didn’t operate well due to a lack of a good power source. Cooper invented the Motorola Dyntac 8000x . It was the first phone to be accepted by the federal communications commission which allowed the production of the phone.


Although the Dyntac 8000x was big, bulky, and ugly, it was a trending device. It was expensive, and it was originally a fashion statement for celebrities. Now the cellphones today are way more advanced.


We have access to the internet through wifi or a mobile network. We can use our cellphones for almost anything. We can email, take pictures, text, and more. Let’s see what 2017 is going to bring!


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