It is What it is…

Happy new year everyone! We all know changes come with a new year. Changes for the good and for the bad.

Donald Trump is officially the President of The United States. Is it a good change or a bad change? I’ll let you make that decision. Today was the inauguration for Trump, and some people did not take it too well.


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If you haven’t heard, there was a violent protest that took place in Washington on Friday. Six officers were injured and 217 protesters were arrested. There were protesters blocking an entrance so that Trump supporters couldn’t enter into the area to watch Trump get sworn in. Rocks were thrown and windows were shattered.

There was so much that took place today, it just shocks me. I honestly don’t know what to expect with Trump in office. All I can do is accept the fact that he is president and just try to stay positive.

Some people are enraged and some are just very emotional. There are a lot of Obama supporters who are having a hard time accepting what is happening.


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Even the Obamas were emotional giving their goodbyes. That shows you how passionate they were about the positions they were in. Let’s just hope Trump shows the same passion.


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