The Perfume Creation

CLEVELAND Ohio- Every now and then, we like to dress up and look good for a special occasion. For some ladies, the look is not complete without a touch of “smell good”.

Perfumes were first incorporated by the Egyptians. The scents were used for multiple uses, such as, religious ceremonies, burials, and for everyday wear. Aromas were also used to indicate one’s status.

Around 1190, perfumes were commercially produced in Paris. Royalty and the wealthy used scents to mask body odors. Around the 18th century, aromatic plants were grown to provide raw materials for the perfume industry.


Antique bottle image provided by Google

The cost of perfume can be quite pricey, but the process of making perfume takes a lot of work and time. The oils from the plant materials must be extracted. The extracting can be done by squeezing or boiling the plants. Next the oils must be blended.

The blending process can take a few years before the scent that is desired is reached. After the blending process is complete, alcohol is mixed in to dilute the ingredients. The last process is the aging process. The perfume is stored in a cool dark area for several months.

For a great scent, the long hard process is worth it. So treat yourself!


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